Hoboken Custom Craft is the creation of Anton David, managing partner of Avid Handyman, the premier handyman and construction company serving Hoboken, Jersey City and the surrounding areas. His vision was to create a sister company that enhanced Avid’s services by offering clients unique residential and commercial furnishings. This close relationship with Avid serves us well as many of our designs include repurposed lumber and since Avid is often involved in full gut renovations, we have access to some very interesting pieces of lumber.

Anton has put together a team of very talented artisans that work closely with clients in developing their own personal piece of functional art. At Hoboken Custom Craft, our philosophy is not to “think outside the box” but rather “there is no box”. This basic way of thinking enables us to continually provide cutting edge designs without conventional restrictions.

Transforming a piece raw lumber into a beautiful piece of furniture for our clients is incredibly fulfilling. It is truly a labor of love in every sense. A passion if you will…But this passion would be wasted without purpose. Our purpose is to provide our clients with pieces that enhance their homes as more a reflection of their personality and lifestyle rather than simply a space; pieces that draw a smile when it is seen and touched; that blend in effortlessly with its surroundings or provide a striking contrast.

Our dedicated team will accompany you from the minute you contact us for your free consultation, through the planning, designing and fabrication phases of your project and up to completion. And since we find it very exciting to see a project evolve from a blank piece of paper into a beautiful work of art, we like to share that excitement with our clients by providing progress photos during fabrication.